What Paula has to say about Robin Thicke’s New album

robin thicke album

She does NOT care. When a Woman’s fed up, there ain’t nothing you can do about it. La la la la la oh la la la. I’m going to say it one more time, when a woman’s fed up there ain’t nothing you can do it about it!  Robin Thicke has publicly apologized, cried, begged and most recently wrote a whole entire album entitled “Paula”. In his newly released video “Get her back” we can gather pieces of what “Went bad” from tear drops of texts shared between the two.  The video also features a what appears to be a battered fool, I mean man?  Can we really blame Robin for going hard for a gal like #Paula Patton? Heck no! Well, at least it’s not another#confessions album.

Can Christian Hip Hop convert you?


Christian hip-hop artist Paul Robinson is back with his highly anticipated single “so tired” produced by Walt Anderson and composed by Walt Anderson along with Aundrea Wilkins. In his single “so tired” Paul addresses many issues that still suppress the African American community today. Topics like injustice, racism, racial profiling, sexism, bigotry & violence. All of these topics are not new to the community however, I ponder if the hip-hop community is ready to listen. Are we ready to stop foot loosing around & go to church with Christian Hip-hop?

Knytro most anticipated artist in 2014


It’s not secret that UK emcee Knytro is one of the most highly anticipated up & coming artists of 2014. His single “Still Standing” went viral after a few shots were fired at a few Gods of Hip-hop. A couple Kanye & Jayz rounds were let off lyrically but missed the target. “Do you dudes listen to music or do you just skim through it? Shots were not fired in Knytro’s “Still standing” but in fact he salutes the greats if you listen correctly. Just because  a emcee mentions another rapper in a verse doesn’t mean he’s taking shots.

Outkast to drop album in 2014


Yes it’s true, rumours once again are circulating that hip-hop group #Outkast is getting back together again! First all, I would jump off a build if this group gets back together. We are in desperate in of something outside the box right now & Outkast has always set trends and raised the bar on the hip-hop scene. Being able to cross lanes of music genres without crashing is how they move. Salute to Outkast.